Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday: 26 (Or More)Things

I know I said I probably wouldn't write again till Friday, but I just can't stand the thought of Thankful Thursday passing by without at least some type of mention.

So, since the A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow, I thought I might tweak that idea today and state something for every letter of the alphabet that I'm thankful for. Here goes!

A- The Amazing Grace of God
B- Books and my Brothers
C- Coffee and Chocolate (in shameful excess!)

D- My Dog (when he doesn't hog the bed)
E- Elastic (especially on pants at Thanksgiving!)

F- Flowers and Friends
G- Germicidal hand cleaner (especially after a day of yard sales!)
H- My Home (be it ever so Humble)... and my Husband
I- Ice Water (that's all I drink besides coffee-and a margarita once in awhile!)

J- my sister Jewel
K- Kangaroo Bread (filled with strawberry poppy seed salad!)
L- my sister Linda
M- Microwaves and of course- Money!

N- Naps and Netflix
O- Oil of Olay (I buy it in 50 gallon barrels!)
P- Pay Day
Q- Quirky Art
R- Remote Controls

S- Second Chances
T- my sister Tina
U- Underwear
V- Volume buttons (okay-so I'm hard of hearing!)
W- Words
X- Xenops -a small tropical rain forest bird 
(Okay- so I looked it up!) 

Y- YouTube (some funny good stuff there)
Z- Zippers (can you imagine if everything had buttons?)

Wow! That was harder than it looks!

Please join me for the A to Z Challenge! It starts tomorrow and runs the entire month of April (except for Sundays). Let's see if I can show some real discipline and creativity this year and get through the entire alphabet. Over 759 bloggers are joining in for this fun and unique challenge!

See you tomorrow- and don't forget to be thankful this Thursday. 
And every day, for that matter!


Talli Roland said...

Oh dear! That photo... *shudder* Looking forward to the A-Z Challenge!

sisterlinda said...

Thankful for your blog to read and our phone calls. Thankful for your friendship...even if you are my sister!So many things I am thankful for and many of them include you!

Margaret Hall said...

Hey, you~!! Thankful for YOU~!! Have fun tomorrow...really~!!

mybabyjohn said...

901 at current count...looking forward to your alphabet.

Betsy said...

Now this post took some imagination and creativity!! I really enjoyed this. I'll have to put on my thinking cap if I can find it:)
Thanks so much for sharing this and for visiting with me.

Cathy said...

Looking forward to the A to Z, Rae!

B's Mom said...


I'm also doing the challenge.