Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 3: Diversions

You know how sometimes you're on a smooth highway- traveling toward a great place?... Like a restaurant that serves perfect cheesecake, or a party that has the funnest people, or a vacation that promises to be restful?
And while you're minding your own business, listening to great music, loving the scenery, chilling out behind the wheel- then all of a sudden...THUMP! You hit a pot hole.

I hit my pot hole.
After one good day of cleaning and a pitiful attempt on Day 2, I've found myself waylaid on Day 3. It happens. There's no legitimate excuses. There's no apologies accepted. Life just gets in the way sometimes... of even the best laid plans.
(Of which I really had none to begin with.)

I've got to get my "town" stuff done today. The groceries, the errands, the Goodwill, the WalMart...because tomorrow I have my grand kids all day since they don't have school (for some reason).
Have you ever tried taking a ten year old and an eight year old to WalMart?

I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out with rusty pliers.

Well, after several morning phone calls that mashed my ear to the size of communion wafer, I was totally out of the mood to start on my kitchen. I tried to convince myself that it didn't look too bad. Most of the problem areas were hidden. Such as inside the fridge, cabinets, and under the sink.
A good wipe of the counter tops, a load of lemon Cascade in the dishwasher, a quick sweep of the floor, and a fresh tablecloth did wonders.

Yet, after lunch, guilt hit.
Surely I had enough time and energy to at least clean out under the sink...
So, I did.

If you didn't know me -and had to draw a conclusion by the stuff under my kitchen sink-
here's what you would think:
1. She stinks
2. She has lots of windows
3. She loves sports

Number 1: I have five cans of Glade/Febreze air freshener in my cabinet. Lilac, Spruce, Hawaiian, Spice, and Apple-Cinnamon. I rarely use them. Probably because I forgot they were there.
I bought the Hawaiian spray back in 2009 when I hosted a Luau party. (Funny how one spritz of that can bring back memories of flip flops, The Beach Boys and beer pong...)

Next: I had three spray bottles of Windex. Three.
What's so ironic is that my windows are not clean. My mirrors are not sparkling. Nothing in my house even comes close to shining.
But being the very practical woman that I am, I combined the bottles into one and now I'm set to actually do windows.

Some day.

Number 3: I found a yellow croquet ball under there. What?! Yeah, I said the same thing, but with a bit more flare. What is a yellow croquet ball doing under my kitchen sink? And how long had it been there?

Mysteries, people... That's what you get when you attempt to be some cleaning goddess pumped up on caffeine and the smell of Lysol.
Mysteries, my friends. They're everywhere.

It's scary to think what might be lurking in the other areas of my house.
What have I got to look forward to? Twelve weeks of questions and brainteasers and perplexities beyond my comprehension.

So, today, I'm taking a detour.
It just might be the difference between my sanity and a total meltdown if I don't step back and just crawl into that comfy pot hole.

Besides, no telling what's in there...


Mary Vaughn said...

LOL Maybe you'll find the rest of the croquet set somewhere. If you find a swimming pool -- you've got problems.

Beth Zimmerman said...

I think I fell into a sinkhole (rather than a pot hole) a few years ago and no one has come along to pull me out yet!

Thanks for the smiles, Rae!

Margaret Hall said...

Oh, it's just me again~! Left early today and didn't get to come by early for a cup of java!...Why not BUY in "volume"???...I have 6, count them, 6, small dishwashing liquids, 7 kleenex boxes that fall from the hall closet on demand, and we too have the dreaded windex...!! AND---a huge hunkin' REFILL bottle the danged stuff...My windows and patio doors??.Hah! Streaky, fingerprinted and ugly!!! Hang in there little bloggin' friend!! And, oh yeah,...(((nobody really sees your inside of the
Hugs from Oregon!

sisterlinda said...

Potholes and detours...sounds like my week!

nutschell said...

Hey there fellow A-Zer. Diversions are a normal part of a writer's life, unfortunately.:P The good thing is that they can also be a great source of writing material as proven by your post. :P