Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Goodwill Wednesday: (Sorta) Fat Bird

I know I promised to post my Goodwill treasures today, but I only managed to upload one image- and I've been trying for three days. &%$##@))*!!!!
I know it doesn't look like a Goodwill find, but if you enlarge it, you'll see that it is painted on old print. 
I found a paperback book of poetry at Goodwill a few weeks ago and thought it would make for a soothing read at the cabin. 
It was so full of ultra-modern space-case poetry that I couldn't stand it! 
So, I tore it up...

I saw something similar in Pier 1, but I tweaked it with my own style and colors. I know the bird is kinda fat, but, hey- that's what happens when you're cooped up in front of the computer blogging all day and are frustrated with your crappy internet service for the winter.
I tore ragged pieces of the pages and dipped the edges in a watery mix of burnt umber paint. Then I Mod Podged it all onto a canvas.
I made the flowers from folded pages and glued on a mother-of-pearl button. Then I diluted acrylic paint and color washed the image.( I was going for a beachy-calming look.) Lastly, I outlined it all with a fine point Sharpie. I have it hanging in my back bathroom.

In case you think I'm being lazy, I should let you know that I have FOUR other projects that I've completed, but can't load pictures of. Next time I go to my daughter's house, I'll be sure to take my laptop and upload them for a future Wednesday.
I have a feeling this isn't going to be such a great day. I ran out of milk and am eating my Special K with evaporated milk, which tastes slightly sweet and thick compared to my usual shot of skim milk. I feel like a really nasty sugar bomb just exploded in my mouth...

Plus- it's snowing!
(Stupid groundhog!!)
I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon on my husband's oatmeal this morning. I bought the cinnamon at the dollar store and it really looked dark red- almost like ground cayenne pepper. Then it reminded me of when cinnamon colored pantyhose were the big rage.
Do you remember them? What were we thinking??! And do they even make pantyhose anymore? 
Well, that might be a topic for a future blog...
Have a great Goodwill Wednesday- and keep your eye out for treasure!


Margaret Hall said...

Hahahahahh.....sorry to laugh at your lines, but those CINNAMON colored pantyhose were the rage, of course I wore them~!! Looked stupid doing so, too~!! We will have to come by and "picket" your provider company, I can see that~! Love the pic and the detail that you added..Someday we will get a chance to see the other items, somethin' to watch for~! Get to feelin' better, dear Bloggie~!!....
See you soon!!

Dee said...

jeez, you're so talented! For real. I love that!

Diann said...

I love this painting! What a great and creative project! You really should be linking this post to some of the crafty parties out there in blogland. I think you would find a lot of people stopping by and enjoying this creation!

sisterlinda said...

Great really needs enlarged to show all the detail...who knew you could make something out of a torn up book? If we could only figure out something neat for old magazines or toilet paper rolls!

Noticed there are 10 yard sales this weekend PLUS a subdivision...I am hoping for no rain, warm weather and lots of bargains! I will keep my eyes peeled for anything with possibilities!

B's Mom said...

Goodwill Wednesday is THE BEST idea I've seen on a blog yet. I really mean that. I <3 Goodwill.

Tracy said...

Well, I started out in awe of all your talents but ended up laughing at the comment about the damn groundhog...snow!
you made me laugh!

GAIL said...

Hi Rae, I am sorry I have not been commenting here lately. I am trying to get ready for the a toz challenge. Boy, it can sure take up a lot of my time!
I will be back soon, hugs, Gail

Cathy said...

Love your bird picture repurposed from a book. Rae, you are amazing! I hit Goodwill (thanks to your blog) about 3 times a week. Yesterday I came home with some beautiful china pieces that no, I don't need, but yes, I will use. A stack of Noritake china serving pieces for less than $16. I figure if I break them using them, I've spent less than I would have on plastic equivalents at Walmart. So, now we'll be eating fancy around here! Love your Goodwill Wednesday, but I always look forward to Thankful Thursday as well. It's always a wonderful reminder for me! Have a great day and hopefully the snow has moved on out!