Monday, March 28, 2011


This weekend we had a beautiful, wet snowfall. It gathered on the branches and grass like diamond powder, but by noon yesterday it had disappeared. I try to tell myself it was just winter's way of a flamboyant exit, and he will not come back until the other seasons take their turn.

The house breathes...creaks with excitement that the sun once again touches its roof and windows. It rejoices in the green grass around its foundation and the buds of trees tossing tiny new shadows on the sidewalk. 
I will try to do my part this week to un-clutter and organize my spaces here. I think to myself how much better would it breathe!... how much sweeter will the sunlight be through crystal clear windows- and more cheerfully it will dance upon shiny floors!

This year has fused together like a lump of days. I have no outstanding memories- no goals reached, no promises kept, no dreams made true....I have wasted time and I regret that three months has been lost to me.
I am hoping that I will gather strength and motivation to begin utilizing my time and talent and determination to make a mark on the seasons...that they will not pass me by without  totally bestowing  all their beauty.

I have so much I want to accomplish. but I've always been one to have too many irons in the fire. The house needs work, but I want to write. The yard needs attention, but I want to paint. My diet needs activated, but I make excuses. I dream of afternoon naps, but I should be balancing my budget. I love my house, but I want to be at the cabin. 
I am like puzzle pieces that never quite come together. I'm not even sure who I would be if everything was finally put into place.

At least the hope of spring comes to rescue me. It unbinds my cold heart and frees me from this rusted attitude and chilly atmosphere. 
Spring gives me the resuscitation, the transplant, the uprooting that I need to be whole again.

I watch the sun rise above the treetops and I hear a song bird calling to the wind.
I'm almost there. Just fingertips away from touching life again.
Hurry, Spring. 
Please hurry.


Anonymous said...

I could have written that line: "I have so much I want to accomplish, but..." All my chores, my tasks I want to accomplish, feel too big right now. So, if I can't start and see the end in sight, I choose not to start at all. I have a lifetime of memories I want to put in scrapbooks. Actually more than a lifetime...I also have genealogy pages of generations past I want to document. I have some organized but not ready to scrap. I have cards to make, crafts to complete, spring cleaning to start, letters to write, books to read, coffee to drink...and here I sit. It's a beautiful sunny day and I can barely see through my fingerprint streaked windows and door. Babysitting gives me a ready excuse not to clean them because I'd need to clean them daily. And I guess that's just not going to happen. So, still, here I sit. Oh well. I keep renewing my good intentions to accomplish accomplish something... Happy Spring!

Margaret Hall said...

Beautiful, beautiful blogging, Rae...Your introspective views on life waiting to happen is marvelous...Spring does have that motivation factor, it cleanses the melted snows, giving us that renewal that we all need...Heaven knows that my spring cleaning is wayyyyyy behind, my crafts/projects linger, and the A to Z is coming in it's glory on Friday, my friend...
Let's toast (with strong coffee) our intent to forge forward...
Love ya', Miss ya'~!

sisterlinda said...

Woulda, coulda, thoughts exactly!

Hurry Spring...I cannot afford to waste another moment.

quilthexle said...

What a glorious, wonderful picture you posted - thank you, it is sooo beautiful! And as a last soft reminder of winter before spring and summer bring us light and warmth again - we just can say "Goodbye winter, see you when it's your turn again"!
Take care,
(another a-z blogger )