Monday, March 21, 2011

The Circle Of Love

One of the greatest joys in a mother's life is to see their children fall in love and marry.
There is a certain comfort in knowing that your child will experience that blessed bond- the ultimate commitment of sharing passion, happiness and love.
But their is also a quiet relief to know that they will not face misfortune, sadness and disappointment alone. A mother wants to know that when she leaves this earthly life, her children will have the support and strength of their spouses in order to continue reaping the bounty of this beautiful life.

My firstborn, Erin, became engaged this weekend, and there are no words to describe this tranquilizing happiness that floods my being! I have prayed so long that she would fall in love and marry someone who appreciates her beauty and her kind heart. Erin has been through some tough times in the past few years( see old blog post) and she deserves to be happy.
We all love her fiance, too, and welcome him into our family with open arms. He is a great guy and I know he really loves my daughter.

But I also get a bonus prize! His five year old daughter! Whom we already love dearly!
 I am truly blessed!


Kelli said...

So excited for Erin!! BEAUTIFUL ring.

Cathy said...

My very best wishes to Erin and her fiance. And what a blessing that you have added another little granddaughter to your nest. She's precious! Thanks for sharing your (and their) happiness with us!

Sylvia Ney said...

Awww...great pictures to exhibit God's blessings!

Kristin said...


sisterlinda said...

I am so happy for Erin.You will be a Mother In Law to Cindy, this year and then to Jeremy next year...your circle will be complete.It will then be time to settle into the coming years of retirement. Jeremy is blessed to have found Erin.

Margaret Hall said...

What a beautiful child~!! And, Rae, how lucky you are with such a loving and happy family encircling you...THAT IS WONDERFUL...Indeed, you are blessed...Thank you for sharing and congratulations to the happy couple from Oregon~!!