Friday, April 1, 2011

(A) April

April arrives.

While the whole world is sleeping,
she pulls into the station on the Railroad of Seasons.

She floats off the train
and stands in strands of new sunlight-
her gown woven of blue fog,
crystal raindrops,
and violets so purple
that they sting your eyes
with joy.

April isn't one for hugs.
She's fragile
and aloof
and so transparent at first
that you're never really certain 
she is real.

She softly lifts her veil-
and her hair is braid of butterfly wings...
Her lips- pink, like azalea petals-
Her eyes, a gray-blue
like the ocean before a storm.

She seems kind enough.

Her voice carries on the breeze 
like a wisp of delicate perfume
and she takes my hand
with tiny fingers of gossamer peach.

But, I know that in her bag
she brings many things
that are neither soft or sweet-
or even kind.

Folded tightly in her suitcase
are sheets of torrential rain-
pillows of flannel funnel clouds-
and ribbons of raw anger.

She will bend the clouds
and play with lightning.
She'll rip the cherry blossoms from the trees
and toss them like salmon-colored confetti
on rainy sidewalks.

Then she'll laugh.

Yet, who could not adore her
for the gifts that she brings?
She offers me a bouquet of
lemon flowers-
a field of unbelievable greenness-
and a perfect peace that my soul has not felt
since the harvest.

April is like a bird.
All blue and shimmering
like a iridescent rainbow
that hovers ever so lightly in our hearts.
We want to touch her,
but we're afraid that she'll spread her velvet wings
and fly away forever-
like a colorful kite
whose strings cannot be tethered. 

I carefully take her hand and lead her into the garden.
We walk beside the pond
and talk of better days...
her gown blowing like dragonfly wings
that sing with the tinkle of wind chimes...

But even as we speak, 
I know her visit is brief-
her beauty fleeting,
her gifts only temporary.

Thirty days from now,
April will board that train again
and travel down that track of time...

Then May will arrive-
and step out in all 


mybabyjohn said...

Fickle well you have captured her.

Beautiful start to A to Z

baygirl32 said...

you have some beautiful shots on there. following your from the A to Z challenge

Margaret Hall said...

I am awestruck, Rae...This is absolutely wonderful~!! Your talent is amazing in this cherished piece~!! Great work, my dear friend...AWESOME~!!

sisterlinda said...

Them thar sure was some purdy fancy words! In this mind of mind I could picture Ms April with all her beauty....she brings many things... hopefully NO MORE SNOW!

Happy April Fools Day from this ol' fool! Love you and look forward to the next 25 letters.

Chryifiwant2 said...

Wow. I don't know how to comment on something as beautiful as that. I threw up a post (haha, that really is kinda exactly what I did) as soon as I got your comment. I am never gonna make it with this new work schedule. And I have no idea how to make an award. Send me a picture of an award and I will slap it up on top of all the (5) other awards I, my friend, get a place of honor.

Marjorie said...

Great to see another poet here! Beautiful! April is amazing for people with real seasons. Here in my desert when April is gone summer is already here.

Kristin said...

Great poem to start off April and the A to Z Challenge

Misha said...

I loved this poem.

You captured your April's essence so that I could picture her. (Mine brings a cooling of temperatures and rain.)


RJR said...

I came, I saw and I enjoyed !


Trevor Peck said...

I'm left wanting more! That was beautiful - thank you!

Happy A2Z - now following!

Grammy said...

Hi, Your pictures of poetry absolutely captured and thrilled my senses. Thank you. Ruby

Name: Luana Krause said...

Your poetry evokes lovely images. So beautiful! Looking forward to following your posts on the challenge.

NiaRaie said...

Did you write this poem? I like it. Also love that photo of the field.

GAIL said...

Once again dear friend...amazing and beautiful.

Laura said...

beautiful! Laura x

Ann Best said...

An incredible extended metapor and gorgeous photographs. A real feast for the senses.

nutschell said...

What a poetic way to start the a-z challenge. i love the poem and the pictures!

Nutschell said...

Very nice! I like your blog too, so I'm new to your pack. Have fun with the rest of the alphabet.

Jeffrey Beesler said...

Man, I don't want to mess around with April! Excellent entry for the challenge.

Stephen Tremp said...

Nicely done. I'm not very good at poetry so I appreciate those who do have the gift. Have a great weekend!

The Words Crafter said...

Beautiful...and very accurate portrait of April!

Cathy said...

Ahhhh...always artistic, amazingly awesome!!!

Sheila said...

You captured April in a wonderful way. That was just beautiful. Thank you!

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Michelle in a shell said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this

Pam said...

Amazing writing, Rae! I loved this poem. It's so rich with imagery and feeling. Thanks for sharing it with us.