Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Has Come!

I wrote this poem several years ago, and this time of year I always see this happening right outside my window. 

Have a great weekend!

It started as a green spark
near the old fence row-
And everyday I watched it
as it began to grow.

Soon it spread- this emerald flame-
Across the field- into the lane-
Pushed up between the stone and brick-
It stretched
and climbed
and curled
and licked.

Like velvet arms, it reached across
the winter world I thought was lost-
Till as far and wide as I could see-
GREEN was staring back at me!

I just stood and smiled
when all was done
and shouted gladly-
"Spring has come!"


GAIL said...

I love that poem..and I love, love Spring. My fathers lilac that made the journey with me to our new home by the sea has sent out wonderful new leaves today. I am so excited to see if it will bloom this year. But since I transpalnated it just last summer I won't be upset if it doesn't bloom for me this year.
And thank you for that beautiful photo today. It is wonderful!
Hugs, Gail

Kristin said...

Great poem!!! I love it!!!

Margaret Hall said...

Ahhhh, I made it back just in time for Spring tomorrow to read this delightful poetry, Rae! Such visuals amongst your lines..So very well done..A pleasure to read~!! Thanks for sharing your vivid writes...

Chryifiwant2 said...

So why am I the only one that thought that poem was dirty?

It stretched
and climbed
and curled
and licked.