Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 2: Ray Of Hope

On Day 1 of my twelve step Spring Cleaning process, I decided to tackle the laundry room.
It's a room with the washer/dryer, a cabinet/shelf/pantry area, and all my pots and pans.

Too bad I can't seem to post takes away from the full effect. You have no idea what it entailed.
Let's just say- I started at 8 a.m., took an hour break at 11, and finally sat down about 2:00. I removed two big bags of trash, one bag for Goodwill, and still have a couch covered in laundry that needs folding.(That will be top priority of Day 2).
But, let me tell you- it looks amazing!
In fact, I wanted to stay in there all night because it was the cleanest room in the house!

There is something so peaceful about organization. The way that cans of carrots and peas line up perfectly- and pots fit inside pans, and empty drawers make room for scissors and tools and quickly sought after items.
There is something wonderful about dusted counter tops and swept floors and lint traps free of lint...of open spaces and empty corners and places for everything...

I actually sat down and cleaned out the four junk drawers in that room. Yes! You heard me right- FOUR JUNK DRAWERS!
I'm that kind of person. Hand me a hair tie or a rubber band or a Chinese menu or a stray light bulb- and I'll toss it in a drawer. Along with dead batteries, ball point pens, bullets, mismatched earrings, and marbles.

I found some flower seeds in one drawer. You know, the kind of seeds that are already embedded in a wood fiber material, ready to roll out in the soil and covered up. It's a Morning Glory Climbing Roll. And I must have been crazy when I chose that- because do you know hard I fight to keep those darn morning glories out of my garden?
Anyway- I bought it because my daughter was selling that sort of thing for her eighth grade class trip. It was either the seeds or an angel statue that looked like Daryl Hanna.

Speaking of my daughter, she just celebrated her birthday last Tuesday.
She turned 30...

One good thing that came out of it was a Ziploc baggie full of change.
Now, I really don't know how much is there yet because I have to wash the battery acid, spilled glue, packet of duck sauce and Morning Glory seeds from them- but I'd say I have enough coins for a good start on yard sale season.

The great thing about Spring Cleaning is that it snowballs.
In comparison to the clean rooms, all the other rooms look like crap. So you have no choice but to carry on.
My next step is the kitchen- and although I plan to paint it again, I'm still going to tackle some much needed organization here today and save the painting for another time. Hopefully it won't take me long because I have a little homely kitchen- with no junk drawers.
(Unless you count the silverware drawer that is full of nut crackers, oyster shuckers, ancient cork screws, deer skinnin' knives and some sort of animal shaped cookie cutters.)

So...I better get started on Day 2.

Before I change my mind...


Diann said...

Good for you! I really need to tackle my laundry room as well. I bet it feels just wonderful to see all your hard work look so good!

Dee said...

I'm living through you, girl. I love the clean after it's done, but starting it gives me anxiety!

Mary Vaughn said...

Way to go! ope you're laughing as much as I am.
BTW Monday I pitched a bunny sold in 4th gr. by my kid. She's 36 now. Beat ya! What's wrong with us? LOL

Mary Vaughn said...

Rae - your profile sends you to you older blog. You may want to update that before April.

sisterlinda said...

Congrats! Do you think it will still be organized and clean when I come to visit sometime this summer...or will you already be on a Summer cleaning spill?

I did get our bedroom cleaned and the closet....only just a small handfull went upstairs and a small trash bag full of magazines went to the curb. One room done...many more to go.

Doin nothing but the usual today but plan on opening windows and cleaning big time tomorrow...suppose to be almost 80 degrees!

Good luck and just stay time for naps or breaks!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Good luck, Rae! Lord knows I need to tackle that territory myself!

Cathy said...

I so identify with the pleasant feeling and oh so nice appearance of the one clean room! I could start with my laundry room too, but I really, really want some cabinets installed to replace the white wire shelves that currently hold my laundry and cleaning supplies. So, really, I CAN'T start cleaning yet, can I?

Margaret Hall said...

Ohhhh...GOOD FOR YOU~!! I am so PROUD of you my Blog-Buddie~!! Now you have shamed me into the worst mess in THIS house~!! I see that drawer "of which you speak"..That one that has the menus, the tossed rubber bands, the cheese toothpicks for entertaining, the measuring tapes, the party ribbon that says "Happy Halloween"~!! Fun blog-post, Rae..We are gonna' watch for your day of "rest"???..LOL..

(Now, what to do with ALL this fabric??)))

lvroftiques said...

Carry on girl! Giving the world drawer at a time. *winks* Vanna

Chryifiwant2 said...

OK, if I come over and help you paint your kitchen, will you help me paint mine? I'll paint, you do all the taping. I hate taping. Oh, and it must be cooler than 67 degrees in your house or I will have a seizure. Probably. We wouldn't want to find out for sure.