Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodwill Wednesday: Just stuff

It's Goodwill Wednesday again, and I'm sorry to say that my internet isn't cooperating today. As I write this, my photos are refusing to upload, so I guess you will all have to do what I do every time I enter the local Goodwill- Use your imagination!

I've not been a very good little house keeper this week. I know my closets are overflowing with clothes and bins of unknown content, but I've just not been able to get motivated. I blame it on the cold weather, but I really think it's the fact that I know I'll just end up rearranging my junk- and not ridding myself of what needs to go right out the door and never seen again!
My biggest organizing problem is clothing and paper. How long do I really need to save an electric bill? Or a Christmas card? Or the expensive pair of jeans I wore twenty pounds ago?
I know I'm going to have to engage some tough love here. Soon.

So- I decided that I would play around with my art stuff yesterday. I got some while canvas for Christmas that was just burning a hole in my pocket (so to speak). And I tried to tell myself that experimentation was the funnest part of the artistic process. Plus, I could always paint the canvas white again if I didn't like the outcome.

A Goodwill find was actually involved. A paperback book of women's love poetry. A 50 cent purchase to tuck away in my purse while waiting for my oil change or the doctor to arrive. But, sorry to say- it was absolutely horrible. Don't be a hater- but I tore it up for my project. Which doesn't amount to a hill of beans if you can't see a picture of what I did with it. (I hate you internet!!) I'll have to show you some other time, and even though I'm not crazy about how the project turned out, I had fun experimenting.
 Oh- great!
A picture finally decides to load, but it's not one I needed to show you. It is, however, a photo of a little goodie my daughter gave me out of her auction box stash. I love it. The colors are so pretty...

Speaking of found treasures, I stumbled upon a website that I absolutely LOVE!

I think my next project will be making robots!!! Sculptures, really- that's all they are. But they're so cute! And I'll be able to recycle all the junky stuff that my husband has in the barn! It's a win/win situation!
(Funny that my internet will copy a URL address photo, but not one from my own personal file! arghhh!!!)

Now I've got something else to look for at Goodwill! Can't wait!

Isn't life fun?


Dee said...

I love seeing the goodwill Wed. Robots? LOL You should make a lil iguanabot. HA

Margaret Hall said...

Don't ya just HATE when the internet/computer decides to "take a hike"???...Grrrr...The little china piece is so dainty and cute. Is it a dish?..Let us know what you are going to incorporate it into. The Bots are priceless! I can just see your brain working on the trinkets in metal and tools to make one for us to see! Love it! Such a creative mind you have, my friend...

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, those litle robots are hysterical! What a creative and innovative idea!!!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Those robots are adorable! I never thought of using tough love on my junk but the good Lord knows that is exactly what I need to do! Maybe after I recover from using it on my daughter! ... sigh ...

sisterlinda said...

I would like to put my order in for one of those robots. I want a very large one...large enough to hold up my mailbox. Can you imagine the looks when people drove by? I am sure that Eldon has some large useless junk you could have him weld together.

I cannot wait to see what kind of unusual items you discover when the yard sales begin.

Cathy said...

Sisterlinda may be in trouble with Eldon when we all stand in line for some of his large useless junk - but you know we all want our robots pre-assembled. :)

Maybe you know about this already, but have you ever googled steampunk jewelry and chosen "images" to see the jewelry made with old clock parts? I just learned about it this week and think it's just pretty funky! Have a great day, Rae!