Monday, September 19, 2011

Detour to My Newest Blog

My new blog is up and running and I hope to post at least three days a week now.
Please join me at BLOGARITA!
I would love you to visit and leave a comment when you can. Thank You!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Reruns- New Blog

I've got my summer blog up and running. I've titled it Tokens. Lots of memories here and some old favorites. Please bookmark me at: Tokens

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fresh Is Stale

I'm getting really tired of my blog lately. I don't like the layout or the design or the colors. I don't even like the name.
I suppose I'm notorious for changing backgrounds and for having more blogs than one crazy women should ever attempt to have. Yet, all the others are pretty much dormant...

I have decided that starting July 5th, I will create a side blog that is merely the best of my other blogs combined. I'll select one of my favorite posts from the other four and start a scrapbook of sorts- mainly less personal stuff- but a mix of humor and sentiment.

I figure this will get me through most of the summer (without losing my thimble full of followers)- and in early September I hope to start something better- a new blog that I've spent time considering, designing and being faithful to on a regular basis.

Check back here next week for the new blog address if you're interested. Until then, I'll be scrubbing the toilet, hoeing the garden and mowing the yard- and wracking my brain for a great name and design. Thanks to all my wonderful followers. I appreciate the comments!

Have a great 4th of July! God Bless America.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The First Day Of Summer

Even if no one had told me that it's the first day of summer, I think I still might have guessed. There's something in the air. A dusty breeze of fresh hay and rain clouds- a puff of honeysuckle and the chirp of new born birds.

There is a type of quiet that lays on the land. It is green and gorged- bursting with secret gardens and tangled forest- impregnated with fragrant bouquets and skies as blue as cornflowers.

Summer seems to be satisfied- proud to be the reigning season. As though she knows her control is short-lived. That autumn will eventually swallow her up completely and she will rest in a dormant grave.

But for now there is celebration and triumph- giddiness and giggles- freedom and frolic- as the landscape unfolds into a masterpiece.

The pond is thick with fat grasses and lean cattails- popping with hungry fish and sparking with dragonflies. The garden spot spits out plump plants that hang with blooms. The night sky opens up like a black velvet hole, scattered with glitter. And fireflies beat like tiny glowing hearts in the nearby fields.

I touch the clover with bare feet- dig my toes into dew covered grass- lift my eyes to the treetops- and breathe deeply all that is Summer.

Clouds threaten rain today- roll like gray cotton- and hover like indigo tents stuffed with raindrops. Lightning stabs the sky and I run for cover.
"Copyright by Martin Liebermann / zeitspuren"

This is a good day- this first day of Summer. It is sweet and real and soft with life.

And I celebrate all that it brings me.