Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Dare To Let The Sun Shine

 I almost decided not to post this morning, but then I remembered it was Thankful Thursday.
How could I ignore a day when all of us should look around and count our blessings?

I know. Sometimes it's hard to see the good parts. Sometimes there are giant "monstery" clouds blocking the way, the rain is falling hard, and you are lost without the slightest idea of where to find a map.
Sometimes it actually feels good to wallow in pity, sit in the darkness, let that little pain or big heartbreak rock you to numbness.
Personally, I've crawled into a day-cave more than once this winter. I've marinated in laziness and self-doubt and disillusionment. I've closed the blinds, locked the doors, and grown stagnant. I've been beaten up with my own hands and silenced by my own will.

But, sometimes, you just have to crawl to the window and dare to let the sun shine. Sometimes you have to move to a place where happiness can find you. Uncover yourself. Break those imaginary chains. Be free.

Today there wasn't that bright pink sunrise that I was waiting for. There weren't sweet birds chirping special songs. There wasn't green warmth, new excitement, or an aura of promise.

There were only gray clouds and cold raindrops and the earth seeped with the weariness of winter.

But, I pulled up the blind and sat in my chair and drank my dose of morning coffee.

Suddenly I saw three deer prancing across the back yard, their white tails flipping cautiously about, their long necks dipping every so often for a bite of something green.
They made their way around the fence and into the field and disappeared beyond the neighbor's pond.

Then I saw a Cardinal- its bright red wings floating over the brown landscape- its head tilting as if to question the bits of cracked corn I tossed out yesterday. 

Those gifts of  nature were a soft spot in my hard world. 

They were symbols that life must go on- even when the sun doesn't shine. It reminds us that we must all persevere, face our battles, and stand tall against any negative forces that blind us to God's beauty and our blessings.

There is no sunshine today. But I'm pretending. 
I'm drawing a map of my life and I'm taking that first step out of this winter cave.
I'm reaping smiles, singing songs, shedding old skin...

It is time to be thankful.... And I am.


sisterlinda said...

I am thankful that Spring is on it's matter if this 30 degree weather says otherwise! I know there is sunshine, warmth,flowers and green grass soon to be upon us.

I have been in that winter cave ALL week! I have been lazy and unmotivated! A nap has been a part of each day....not that I don't have things to do but just don't have the energy or in the mood to do them.

Thankful Thursday....thankful that tomorrow is Friday (and payday) and that there is a 2 day weekend waiting for me...let's just hope a little warmth and sunshine comes my way!

Dee said...

Gray morning here as well. Though mine was a bit more...noisy than yours. :) Hope you enjoy a beautiful day. I'm bummed, I need to remember this thankful Thursday thing!

Kelli said...

Spring will be here soon! I bought some Meyer's window spray from TJM that smells like gardenias and have started putting spring/Easter decorations around the house. Even though there are still chances of snow this is spring in my house. It helps a bit with the grey days :) By the way, loved your cheerleader post the other day! I tried to leave a comment with no luck. Keep up the beautiful blogs. I read almost daily even though I don't always leave a comment. They always make me think or smile - both of which are very needed :)

GAIL said...

I will open my eyes a bit wider today to see what is really around me even though it is raining...again.
I miss the wildlife that tramped through our yard in Montana. Many a surprise in the early mornings there.
Warms hugs, Gail

Kristin said...

Gray and rainy day here as well, but it's going to be sunny and a bit warmer on Saturday, so I am thankful for that.

Margaret Hall said...

Gee, it is gray and sprinkley here today too...The sun crawled from a cloud for an instant and I am wanting soooooooooo to DRY OUT~!! I feel there are mushrooms growing on me~!!
I'm glad I am home today to imbibe in Thankful Thursday...Me?..I am thankful for the evening last night with a friend at OMSI here in Portland..It was the annual employee/volunteer get-to-gether..Lots of art and crafts on display plus an adorable variety show....
And, thankful that I actually finished a project today...LOL.