Friday, April 29, 2011

(Y) Yesterday

Today is brought to you by the letter “Y” 
(And I beg forgiveness from the Beatles…)
Please sing along with me today, won’t you?
I could run and laugh and I could play-
Now I'm thick and soft and turning gray-
Oh, where the heck is Yesterday?
I am twice the gal I used to be-
and there are wrinkles hanging over me-
Oh, how'd I change so suddenly?
Why I
had to grow- I don't know-
I'm not that wise-
I did something wrong, now I long
for thinner thighs.
I was firm and set like hardened clay-
Now it really sucks to feel this way-
Oh, please come back, my yesterday!
How I
got so old, no one's told- they didn't say-
I wonder why -and now I cry
for Yesterday…
I smelled like flowers, bright and gay-
Now it's beans and sauerkraut and hay! :( 
Oh, where the heck is Yesterday?
I could hear and see and dance away-
Now I'm bent and blind and... “What'd you say?"
Oh, how it sucks to feel this way...
There were no chin hairs in my way
Or  those flashes- (hot as Bobby Flay)-
Oh, how did I lose my Yesterday?
I know days will go-And I, with them-
So I'll stay- But I will pray
For yesterday…a.a.a....



sisterlinda said...

It was almost impossible to read yes,I was singing to the Beatles tune all the way to the end!
All I can say about getting older is.......
HELP! I need somebody...HELP! Not just anybody!

Cathy said...

I love your thoughts of Yesterday, Rae...almost as much as Linda's HELP! I'm of that certain age...I identify with both SO much! Happy Friday. Can't wait to see ZZzzzz...

Margaret Hall said...

Wow~!! GREAT rendition of Yesterday, my blogster bud~!! Oh, and did it ever make me laugh~! It is SOOOOOOoooo the way of today from yesterday..Yep, instead of some sort of exotic perfumed oil, for me it is garlic~!! Wonderful post for Y...And, yep,...I'll be here for "Z"~!!! Good job!

Diann said...

Love that picture! And it's reflection is so true!