Wednesday, April 27, 2011

(W) Wrong Turn

Have you ever seen the movie Wrong Turn? It's a crazy slasher film from 2003 in which a group of deformed, inbred hill-folk go on a killing spree. And a handful of college students are plunged into a torturous and bloody nightmare- due to some bad decisions.  Of course,the primary mistake they make, (as the title implies)- was a wrong turn. 

Setting out on a fun adventure or a fantastic weekend is always perfect in one's mind. But sometimes there are obstacles, detours and unseen changes that alter the ideal trip.

Every single morning of every single day, I lay in bed and tell myself that today is going to be the day
I'm setting out to make a new me
I've mapped out my future in detail -and it includes healthy food, daily exercise, hard work and wise choices. 

It means flossing, moisturizing, budgeting, and being kinder.

I've penciled in days of creativity, volunteering, baking, sewing, and simply meditating. 

I've polished my compass, set my GPS, and made my plans. I've memorized the path in my head and I'm sure how to get there.

But you know what? I never get there. Somewhere along that bright sunny road, I make a wrong turn. 

I'm too tired to floss, too lazy to moisturize, too busy to help someone. Too broke to do crafts, too crabby to be kind, too stressed to balance my checkbook, and too weary to bake.

And all those obstacles make it impossible to continue down that perfect path.

Oh, there are days when I make it to the first rest stop. Complete mornings when I've counted my calories and walked half a mile. And I think I'm doing great.
But then, right smack dab in the middle of the road is a chocolate bar. 
Yes, there's room to go around it- and there are ways to ignore it completely and continue heading straight.
But do I?
I make a wrong turn.

And that's when bad things begin to happen. That's when I throw caution to the wind and live for the moment. That's when my plan is shredded and completely destroyed by foolish temptation.

I'm constantly making wrong turns. 
On days that I've mapped out kindness, some jerk cuts me off in traffic and I swerve onto a trail of road rage and wickedness. 

Those times I'm set on getting organized, I suddenly acquire various body aches- and then sidetrack to a napping spot.

Days when I have plans to draw or paint or write, I see that the roadway needs mowed and weeded and swept- so I do that instead.

Life is a series of wrong turns. 
If you're lucky, there is paradise waiting around an unscheduled bend.

But if you're like me, there is probably a bunch of genetically mutated hillbillies with machetes ... waiting there with a bag of Hershey Kisses.


mybabyjohn said...

Oh my...isn't he/she/it pretty? Never leave home without your gps.

Sherrie said...

Never saw the movie, but I'm the same way. Good intentions that take a wrong turn. Or as I say I get side tracked by something else and there it goes down the tube. Have a great day!

Just Books

sisterlinda said...

I know the feeling. My life is full of detours, wrong turns and pot holes! Why can't we just stay on that path that leads to a better life? Why are we tempted? A simple word comes to mind...WILLPOWER! We CAN do it,we NEED to do it,we HAVE done it and we CAN do it again! We gotta meet up on that road without the detours and wrong turns! Let's set that compass and GPS and let's get rollin!!

lvroftiques said...

I hear ya sister! Well intentioned as I am to get moving and make my house and life all "pretty" I seem to get sucked into things like blogs! *winks* and then the hours are gone, and I'm a day older and my bum a bit wider *sighs* Vanna

Beth Zimmerman said...

I think I said the same thing today. Somewhere? But you said it much better!

Cathy said...

Rae, I understand and identify with wrong turns and detours. Sometimes they are my own...and sometimes passed down to me from someone else. I guess I just have to continue on and do the best I can with what the rest of that day has in store for me! Maybe some of those detours are even divine appointments?

Angela Felsted said...

Hershey kisses are good.

Margaret Hall said...

Well...I saw the danged movie, and remember like you, since we are SOOOOOOOOOoo similar in our ideas, I indeed DETOUR all over the place...Oh, I don't like me for it, but it happens with our fast paced lives now..We are eager to accomplish but then we get detoured to a place that needs our attention or that we feel comfortable..When I "have" to do something, a little alarm inside me goes off~! I am stubborn, I suppose and I feel guilty when I go to be artsy/crafty or wanna' read something that someone put on a blog, or just sit with a cup of tea and look at the birds...We "beat up on ourselves" with our detours..
You asked if I were vacationing from the blog for a while, --probably for a minute or
I am thinking of doing MORE crafts/art stuff and posting that...And, also rescuing things and doing makeovers from the thrift stores...
Anyhoo...take care and don't give up, heck----we only got