Friday, April 15, 2011

(M) The Magic of Mornings

I have always had a special love for mornings. Maybe it's because some of my most vivid memories are of waking up with the sunrise and hearing my mom in the kitchen. She'd be making coffee, frying eggs, stirring thick gravy to spoon over fat biscuits... The kitchen always smelled of lemon Joy and bacon ...(and maybe floor wax). And Mom was always smiling- at least on the outside.

I would sit up and peep out the window and see the sun shining on the back yard like it was a stage. Before I knew it, all my brothers and sisters were up, ready to put on their shoes and head outside to play.

Mornings were a fresh canvas. 

The yard had not yet been crushed by our running feet, the gravel disturbed by our bicycles, or the dust kicked up in soft clouds around the swing set. Dew still clung to the grass, birds still sang in their nests, and the laughter and chatter of children had not yet pierced the summer sky.

Morning was ours.

And we slammed that screen door behind us as we skipped off the porch -and out into our arena of life.

Every morning we had another chance to become someone new. 

We were cowboys, Indians, G.I. Joes, Barbies, movie stars and monsters. We chose to be the Mom, the Dad, the Baby, or sometimes even the Dog. We were adults, we were animals, we were kids- and we were simply us

And I am still thankful to God that I woke up to all my childhood mornings in a happy place.

Yet, there were some mornings when I chose to be wander out by the lilac bushes or Mom's yellow roses and take in the fragrance of sweet perfumes. I would sit in the crook of the old "monkey tree" and sing songs, wander down the road to find neat rocks, or search the sea of grass to find lucky clovers.

My mind was always sharper then. 
Open to magic sounds- and smells -and words- that danced in my head and yearned to be molded into something extraordinary.

I think perhaps my love of color came from seeing the sunrise...its violet/ coral/ crimson display of a watercolor sky...The way the trees blossomed out in a hundred shades of green...and how the fields grew yellow with light as the day emerged... 

I still love the magic of mornings. 
When I awake and know that my husband is safe beside me, my favorite little dog is curled into a nest of blankets at my feet... 
and that the morning awaits my choice to become someone new.


mybabyjohn said...

Wonderful, great memories and imagery.

sisterlinda said...

I enjoy my mornings. It is time to myself..time for coffee..time to reflect and plan my days events.

I enjoy waking up to the sun shining but today it is gloomy and rainy. It really doesn't matter since I am an adult now...there are still things to do and things that need to be done. What did we do as children when we woke up to a rainy gloomy day? There were not game systems or tv's in our that the days we played house or barbies? Is that the days we watched soap operas with Mom?

There is a magic in the morning hours...the peace before the beginning of a busy day or perhaps the peace before I hear someone yelling "NANA!"

Gujjari said...

Lovely post about fresh mornings.
I love sun rising and mornings.

Nice to see you in the A2Z blog challenge. All post are wonderful in your blog.

I am following your blog from now.

Please visit my blog and if you like - please follow my blog.

With warm regards,

Joanne said...

I grew up in the city so my sunrises were just reflections of light from glass windows on nearby buildings.....But when I visited my grandparent's farm well that was a whole different story!!! Thanks for the post.It brought back alot of great memories for me. Blessings, Joanne

Arlee Bird said...

Love your morning memories. Brought back a few of my own.

Tossing It Out

GigglesandGuns said...

Never having been a morning person I appreciate it when someone paints a picture like this for me.

Beth Zimmerman said...

You write so beautifully I can always see the things, people and places in my mind! I'm not a morning person but if I saw them like this ... maybe I would be!

Margaret Hall said...

My dear friend, the images that you gifted us was wonderful...One could feel the intensity of the brisk morning all to yourself..This was a beautiful, memory-filled writing and I cherish the emotion that you have tucked inside...Those were magical days and you wrote them with a magical pen~!Thanks for a great M posting....
(Up to N...See you soon))

Becca said...

Oh how I wish I could spend my mornings with you drinking coffee, talking of yard sales, the kids, and laughing till we cried. I miss you sweetness, your laughter, you humor, and your unconditional love. Everyday when i read your blog I feel close to you once again..and I am so so very thankful for that. I love you MOM ..and cant wait to hug you again soon. Your blog really gives me a great start to my day... so dont ever stop. Love you