Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm not in a very cheery mood today, but I decided to post anyway.

Don't worry, I'm not so depressed that I would do something stupid like ingest one of those whale-size cream horns that tastes indescribably incredible.


No. Today I'm just gonna wallow in it.
Like a big 'ol pig whose name is not Wilbur.

First off- my internet-provider-serviceman paid me a visit yesterday (finally!), and he gave me disturbing news. He said our huge, mature- (probably 150 year old)- pine tree has grown. (Suddenly?) and is blocking our wireless signal. Really?  I have serious doubts about this situation. But he advised that we add a ten foot length of pipe to our old TV antenna and mount the internet box up there.

Ok. Right. I can just see my husband climbing up that antenna- its metal skeleton bending like a warm Twizzler- or his face lighting up like Ben Franklin's as he grabs the hot wires for support.
Or worse- I would probably get nominated to shimmy up that tower like a blind, schizophrenic snail.
I'm afraid of heights. I can't even ride Ferris wheels without upchucking enormous amounts of corn dogs and cotton candy.

Realistically, I do have internet service. I can blog, check my bank account, send email and surf Google. But I can't post photos or videos.
What's a blog without pictures? Well, it's like a banana split without the banana. It's like Sonny without Cher. It's like life without chocolate.
Or coffee.

I apologize.
I'm hoping we'll find an unemployed giraffe or a stupid neighborhood kid to  get that pole mounted ASAP. Until then, my blog will be naked.
And I'll be feasting on pastries as big as my fists because I'm stressed about it.

That's just how I roll.

So, today I'll just leave you with a poem that I wrote on a gum wrapper while waiting for my husband at the hunting store one day.
Please try to enjoy it without the photograph.

(I am hoping I can post last weeks Goodwill Wednesday tomorrow (with photos!)- because I'm going to town to steal some internet juice.

And maybe get a cream horn...

Or two.

I am like an old bird.
My song is softer,
my wings grow weaker-
and I no longer find the need
to build a new nest.

Shiny objects used to catch my eye.
But rusty keys and tattered cloth
are my keepsakes now.
Things rich with character-
thin like silk from having been loved.

I look at the blue sky
and know there are places
I'll never see.

It's too late for such a journey.

Yet, sometimes I soar to the edge of the horizon
just to glance back at my little home.

I know that's where I belong-
in that warm tangled nest
that smells like memories.

So, you all have a great day!
Even though I can't...


Tracy said...

Your poem is beautiful and I so can relate!
I actually felt quite melancholy myself yesterday and even a tad bit grumpy...no reason just that kind of day! But today is a new day and my goals are simple so I hop eyou enjoy your day and I'll try to enjoy mine!

sisterlinda said...

Sure nice to know that I am not the only person in the "NOT CHEERFUL" club! I mananged to waste time yesterday and didn't get started on the bathroom touch up. I did get my closet cleaned,laundry caught up and Izzy's dresser and closet organized..yes, I did get SOMETHING done but not my original plan.SO it is time now to put on the old paint clothes, drag the ladder out and get busy! I would keep putting it off but it HAS to be done and I might as well quit dragging my butt!

Hope that cream horn cheers you up...LOL!

Margaret Hall said...

Weird, really! Must be in the atmosphere! This week I have been feeling like I am walking thru Jello! Sort of a introspective look at the doldrums of WINTER..grrr...and the tons and tons of projects that are quietly sitting and wondering when I will get them started...Oh, my right brain is FULL of art, art projects , etc...and new writings, (some day)...Good for YOU, for writing whilst you were in this blue funk of yours...LOVE, love, love the poem as I need to tatoo it to myself! Very nicely said...Rae---thanks for being you...

Beth Zimmerman said...

Oh Rae! I love you! With or without pictures! In fact I told another blog friend today that she really needed to come visit your blog because she too would love you! And while we're discussing love ... I LOVE Cream Horns! All that sweet cream and flaky pastry ... mmmmmm!

Feel better soon, my friend! :)

Diann said...

Your poem is lovely! Sorry to hear about all the internet problems!

Chryifiwant2 said...

You need to get tough with those ISP people! We have the same provider and they put up our 10 foot pole on top of our TV tower. We continued to have problems and they switched us to a non-line-of-sight radio transmitter doo-hickey thingy. It's in the house and doesn't freeze up or blow in the wind. We only lose service when they have problems on top of the water tower in Dix. Which is at least a couple of times a month, but it is much better than it was.