Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goodwill Wednesday: (On Thursday!) A Hopeful Heart

Well, we got really lucky yesterday and the worst of the storm settled north of here. But, we do have icy conditions and some scattered sleet. My husband is home today and I cooked a hot, hearty breakfast for us and ...we're just going to spend the day relaxing.
Sounds good to me!
NOTE: This was written yesterday, but I didn't have internet because of the ice. So- you're getting Goodwill Wednesday on Thursday this week! 

I am always scouring the Goodwill store for things I can put on my porch. It's a rather boring porch. Small, no personality- other than what I can wrangle up. You might be surprised how cute a pot of artificial flowers looks when gathered in a vase there- or a outdated wreath given a sassy new look.

I almost always refuse to shell out lots of money for decorations. Especially when they're going out to withstand the elements and sometimes destroyed by inclement weather.
So, for Valentine's Day a few years ago, I found some red Christmas garland at my Goodwill and came home and made this:

It's just a wire coat hanger that I shaped into a heart and wrapped with the garland. I didn't have any small wire to attach it, so I used some plastic-coated red paper clips that I straightened out to secure the garland.


The pillows here are just some old throw pillows that had lost their luster. You could even buy some at Goodwill- I've seen plenty available. I would never lay my head on one of them, but to cover with fabric as chair cushions- I don't see why not.
In fact, I don't actually cover them. I just safety pin some fabric on. This way I can change them out with the seasons. (No one really sees the back anyway- and if they don't like it- they can get off my porch! :)
This particular red fabric was a table runner I found on clearance a few years ago at KMart. It's Christmas-y. but works well for Valentine's Day, too. Which is why I cut it in half, pinned it to my pillows, and wrapped it with a green ribbon. (For Christmas, I had ornaments tied to the ribbon.)

I bought the pink bag with feather trim at WalMart after February 14th one year. (Just a dollar). I've got it stuffed now with a heavy vase (in case of wind) and lots of pink, white and red cheap flowers. And dollar store bling!
Actually the rocking chairs were a bargain I got when I worked at a retail gift shop. They put them in their "porch sale" for $50 total. I immediately said "SOLD!". (But I rarely sit there. They aren't very comfortable.)
Valentines Day will be here and gone in a few weeks and I'm already on the lookout for something different for my porch. Too early for Easter, I suppose...But- I guess I'll never know what's out there until I make a Goodwill run!

Won't you join me?

Here's what it looks like at my house on this Groundhog Day 2011:


GAIL said...

It looks soooo cold there. and I have found some wonderful finds at Goodwill myself. I will post some on my other blog one of these days.
You are coming up with some wonderful ideas.
Hugs, Gail

Dee said...

You are so creative! I have no artistic sense whatsoever. :( Your porch looks very inviting.