Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goodwill Wednesday: Turtles and Naked Men

 Well, if you are a frequent reader of my blog, you will recognize the title today. I went to my daughter's house yesterday just so that I could post pictures. Her internet service likes me. 
This is last weeks Goodwill Wednesday, but I hope you enjoy it. 
It's got pictures and everything...

I've always had a fascination with old things. Junk mostly. Stuffy antiques that cost a million bucks aren't for me. But the cast offs, the salvage, the unusual and the kooky usually turn my head. And I try to give them a new home.

This week I decided I would paint a piece of plywood to look old. So I made a sign.

I started by painting it a multitude of colors. I didn't like where it was going, but I kept putting on more layers and finally gave up. Then I painted the words and gave it a good sanding and roughing up. I still need to finish the edges and hit it a few times with a good hammer, but once I have hooks on the back, it will look pretty good in a rustic setting.

Back in the fall while I was helping my husband track a deer, I came upon an empty turtle shell next to the creek. The poor little guy had rotted completely away and all that was left was his home. I put it in my coat pocket, carried it back to the house, and gave it a thorough scrubbing.
Then I played!

My daughter and her boyfriend have started an eBay hobby and have been buying box lots at the local auction house for 50 cents to $5. Recently she let me rummage through the cast offs that even they didn't want.

I LOVE these lamps. The photo doesn't show the beautiful icy blue color, but they are awesome. I'm looking for some white square lampshades that clip on- and they'll look great on my nightstands. Yay for free stuff!

While digging through another box, I stumbled upon this:

A naked man!
In this photo he looks about 50 feet tall, but he's about 18" high and not really bronze, but just chalk ware with metallic finish.
What's funny is that I could bring an elephant in the house or a brand new coffee table or paint the ceiling purple -and it would take my husband days and days to notice. But as soon as he walked into the room that day, he said, "Where'd you get the naked man?"
(Actually, he is wearing a fig leaf, which absolves me of all pornography charges.) !!!

My only true Goodwill purchase this week was this 50 cent basket.

Comparable to Ballard Designs baskets which sell for around $30.

 I'm going to hang it above my desk for papers and bills- when I get around to it!

Have a good Goodwill Wednesday- and keep your eyes peeled for treasure!


Anonymous said...

I love that basket. Especially the price. Thanks for stopping by.

Tracy said...

I like the basket but moreso, I like your husband's comment to the naked man...isn't that just like them? My husband would ask as well!

I think my favorite is the turtle marvelous~

GAIL said...

I would have been beside myself finding that wonderful turtle shell! It is now beautiful. and that basket..awesome find!!
My husband knows it would be dangerous for us to purchase storage units cause I would have to much fun....with all of it!!
The naked guy?...well, what can I say??
Hugs, gail

sisterlinda said...

The lamps will look very pretty with the right shades.My kids always kid me cause I am always buying some type of little lamps at yard sales.I almost always find a place for them or we use them for parts to make liquor bottle lamps.

The sign needs a home down by the cabin somewhere...I am sure you will pick the perfect spot.

I will keep my eyes peeled for a naked lady to go with that handsome man!

I'm keepin my eyes peeled and cannot wait till yard sales begin in a couple of months! Thanks for sharing.

Chryifiwant2 said...

That turtle shell is amazing! We have lots of those around here. I am going to give that a try. I'll probably never show it to you, though. Yours is too pretty.

Diann said...

Wow, fun and different finds! Your sign looks like it came straight off our cabin's shed! that is awesome! I picked up a couple of the milkglass and marble lamps last summer. I had to rewire one of them but, I really adore them! Great stuff!

Mama Jewel said...

Great stuff Sis! From trash to treasure...that's what we live for! LOL Really like your "naked man" statue. I saw the real naked man statue when we were in Florence, Italy. He is the Statue of David by Michelangelo. He is made of solid marble and stands 17 feet high. The "fig leaf" version became popular after Queen Victoria visited and was shocked by the statue. They made a detachable fig leaf to hang whenever there was a "royal visit". His hand that is up by his shoulder is holding his sling and it lays across his back. (I have some real, close-up video of the real thing...may bring it next sister's weekend)...his "tush" is pretty awesome also! LOL Love you dear.

Margaret Hall said...

ahhhhh....I am back from running around this week and GLAD to see your pics on this post, Rae~!! It can be maddening to not be able to post pics, and it set me on edge!
NOW---LOVE the naked man~!! Of course I do! He is magnificent with his placement in your collection of "finds"..and, yes, laughed at the hubby seeing it 'for real' this
Love the basket...The lamps remind me of some that my family had, love the marble bases...The turtle is "fantabulous"~!! I'm sure that you have him in a special place amongst your goodies...Now, the sign is soooooo original and will fit into your cabin world, huh?...Fun, isn't it, to find these treasures that others have discarded~!!??...Keep bloggin', dear friend..Loved this post...Can't wait for the next Goodwill find...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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