Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog Block: We All Get It. Today is My Day.

Tomorrow is National Fairy Tale Day, so I've decided to tell you a fairy tale in celebration of this holiday. Years ago, one of my childrens favorite books was Grimm's Fairy Tales. I used to read them a story from it almost every night. The book gradually became torn and floppy and worn out with love,- but they still remember the tales of kings and queens and a world of fantasy.
Once upon a time a time there was a beautiful young lady whose hair was the color of lemons. So yellow was it, that the dark haired women of her village were jealous and vindictive toward her and wished upon her a thousand evil curses.
However, men loved her bright hair and how it shone in the sunlight- not to mention her sweet red lips and the hourglass figure that she unsuccessfully hid beneath her plain sackcloth dress.

This yellow haired angel was named Honey and she made a meager living as a cook at the castle of King Vinegar. He was a handsome man, but prone to fits of bitterness and he had gone many years without filling the throne of his Queen. Alas, he had many lovers, but it had not pleased him to take any as his wife.
Miss Honey had prepared her best cobbler one summer day and was left to serve it in the King's dining room. The head servant had been injured in a hunt for quail and there was no one else available to wait upon the King.
Honey wore her best apron and her hair tied into a modest bonnet as she entered the dining hall. The pie smelled delicious- and the aroma wafted throughout the entire castle like a sweet incense.

Honey bowed and lowered her head as she placed the pie upon the King's china plate, barely whispering, "For you, My Lord".
King Vinegar closed his eyes and inhaled the cobbler, his mouth watering at the sight of the thick berries and flaky crust that lay before him. He ate with a passion and then looked up at Honey.
About that time, a golden curl fell from beneath her bonnet, exposing her breathtaking yellow hair.
"Oh, what loveliness has visited me on this finest of days", the King said, "Not only has your cooking satiated my hunger, but your beauty has quenched my bitter soul. I must have you as my wife... My Queen."

So that's how Honey and Vinegar came to be in this faraway land. Queen Honey's dresses became silk and brocade and she was adorned with rubies and emeralds and gems from a distant shore. The moody King became happy and content and it was reflected in his treatment of the village.
It just goes to show that a beautiful woman who can cook - can change the future of an entire town- and the sour disposition of a hardhearted man.
And that opposites do attract- even in fairy tales.

I left out the parts about the evil witch, the poison toads, the ugly troll and the disappearing staircase, but I'll save that for another time.

Sleep tight...


Shirley said...

Wonderful Fairy Tale, came at the perfect time as I watch my "King" take an afternoon nap after he came home from a cold bitter day in the village..My 'King' had taken a fall on the snow/ice and was humiliated only by himself!
Lucky me, his "Queen" has a pot roast simmering in the crockpot, which will help this King feel much better..
Thanks for making me see the better side of today!

Francine Howarth said...


Hopping over from the A-Z list.

Hee hee, cute fairy tale! Love your blog, so pretty. ;)


Margaret Hall said...

Fantastic tale, Ms. Frazier~!! Will be waiting for the evil witch, toads, troll and staircase for another cup of tea at your blog~!! Love coming here, enjoy your blog as I have so many days~!! Here's to choppin' out the blog block~!! (((Me, too!))