Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Color Purple and Other Thoughts

There were vague moments of restlessness last night. Times when my covers were hogged by my husband, my feet pinned in by my dog, and a rush of the Sahara Desert was Nature's cruel idea of a joke.

But it's times like these that my mind is in its free range state. No holds barred. Raw and uncensored. (Though my mind naturally stays away from the gutter -because, well, that's just me.)

But after the dream I had about carrying around some four year old girl as we visited the slums that were right behind my house (and I didn't even know it )-and we sat in a cafe and ate pork rinds and chocolate milk... yeah- right after that- I got to thinking about other things....

Take for instance: All the primary colors are used as emotional descriptions.
When you're sad, you are BLUE.

When you are scared, you are YELLOW.    
When's you're angry, you are RED with rage.
And with envy, you are GREEN.

So, I decided that we need a color for when we're hungry.
"I sure am PURPLE this morning!' Or "My belly sure is PURPLE!"

Do you think it will catch on?


I've spent the last few days trying to work on some art projects. What is it about a fresh canvas that just stops me dead in my tracks and then I go blank? I have so many great ideas in my mind's eye, but when it comes down to the moment of creation, I'm suddenly blind.

Although I've only made a mess, I do have black paint under my fingernails which is  unattractive, to say the least. But then I sorta look at it like having callouses from hard work. My nails are proof that I actually tried to do something.

I'm a little disappointed in myself, though. For the past three years, I've exhibited some art in the local museum's art competition, but I don't have any new things to enter this year.
I try to make excuses that I was at the cabin all summer, but what have I been doing the past few months? Time sure gets away.... (Especially when you're napping!)

Valentine's Day is coming up on Monday and it reminds me of all those years in grade school when we exchanged valentines with our school mates. At first we decorated white lunch sacks with crude red hearts, and in later years, advanced to covering cereal boxes with pink construction paper and silver glitter.
I remember getting the cards ready the night before- taking hours to decide which ones my best friends were going to get- and how I could give the cutest boy in the class a really good one that didn't sound like I was ready to jump his bones. I avoided those with "Love" and "Be Mine" or anything with googly eyes.

In return, I loved getting those expensive cards with a sucker attached. We could never afford to buy them.
I snubbed the neat cards with fancy handwriting. You could always tell those sissy kids who had their moms address the cards for them. That was a huge cop out. Of course, I had a three letter name which made it easy and quick to sign the back, but it sure was tiresome to go through the list and address the envelopes- and make sure you hadn't missed anybody.
Do they still exchange Valentine's in school?


Last night I made stuffed peppers for supper. They were actually very yummy.
I cut the tops off the peppers and cleaned out the seeds. Then I placed the peppers in a casserole dish with a little water and baked them (with their tops)  till they were soft.

Then I tried something new. I browned a small onion and cooked it with a half pound of hamburger. Seasoned with other stuff. Then I made a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. I added it to the hamburger mixture, stirred well, and added a 3-cheese spaghetti sauce. The oatmeal gave it a smooth texture and took the place of rice.

I then stuffed the softened peppers,smothered them with pepper jack cheese and put their tops back on -and baked till bubbly. (After the tops are soft, the stem will pop right out).

It was a good hearty meal for a cold day!


Doesn't that make you feel kinda PURPLE?

Gotta go! Breakfast is calling!


Dee said...

randomness rocks! LOL I like that, purple = hungry.

Those middle of the night weird much fun.

sisterlinda said... NOW I am Purple...actually,I have been the color purple all morning. I have managed to consume a bowl of puffed rice w/milk, 1 Little Debbie brownie, a small bowl of buffalo chicken dip w/a few chips, one diet dr. pepper and 2 cups of coffee! It's not your fault, really...I was Purple before I read your post!

So my purple has made me the color yellow (scared to step on the scale)...Red (because I am angry at myself)....Blue (because I am sad I ate so much)...and even the color Green with envy for those that can manage to stick with a diet and NEVER EVER fall from the wagon!

What color will I be tomorrow? Something tells me Purple is one of MY primary colors in this life!

Beth Zimmerman said...

I'm almost always purple! :) I enjoyed your rather random rambling post! And the inspiration for your works of art will come when it's ready ... probably in a great rushing flood of creativity ... but if you try to force it, before its time, it will hide from you like a small child giggling under the bed and refusing to hear his mother's calls! Or something like that!

I have NEVER liked Valentines Day. Guess I'm just NOT a romantic! I could get purple for some chocolate though!

GAIL said...

I can relate to the blank canvas. I finally find the time and energy then I sit down and........nothing. I think my hesitation is that I don't want to make a mistake and ruin a perfectly good canvas. It is that first step or stroke that is the hardest for me. If I can get by that then it flows so fast I can hardly keep up.
That seems to happen in alot of my craft projects. Once I get by the initial first "stoke" I have to run to keep up with my creative mind! No, it doesn't happen often but when it does...look out!! I may not come down from the Craftroom in the tower for several hours.
There is one thing that can get me down is feeling right now. Gotta go!
Hugs, Gail

GAIL said...

I forgot to mention that I love your blog design. It is so cheery and interesting!
Hugs, Gail