Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Just Is.

(This is a Valentine's Day post from 2009. But it still rings true today... )

I want to go back.

I want to remember the story of my life.
Of how I met this man who has shared my days-
Of these children I bore and
how they have amazed and delighted me.
Of the places and people and time
that shaped my present.

The summer I met my husband
was especially hot and humid-
the days uneventful -
and the only proof that I actually lived them
was my tattered journal that I wrote in every day-
A notebook that had swollen
into a summer of words.

My sister Linda had a VW Beetle
and we would hop in on Friday night,
grab some beer at the drive-through-
and zoom into the lights of town.

Her best friends had a house that
soon became the "party house".
There we'd play our favorite record albums
like: Slade, Three Dog Night,
Roberta Flack, BTO, and others...

It was about the time that
the "hippie movement" began to decline,
but there remained an easy going attitude.
I drank a beer or two back then,
and some party-goers would get high-
but I never did.
(That is a fact, not a fill-in-the-blank.)

Most times a hot breeze would
blow through the open windows
and we sweat our way through
beer and pot and loud music that summer
like a slow motion dream.

(At least that how it
seems to me now.)

What is so mysterious about Fate
is that it's unpredictable.
A person can be going through life-
content and carefree-
when Fate suddenly intervenes
and changes the entire course of events.

Fate was waiting for me that summer...
It walked right in the door of the party house.

He was tan and lean.
Wearing button tab jeans, Earth shoes,
and a fuzzy pony tail.
Your average kind of guy back then.

But suddenly he smiled-
and every written course 

and map of my life-
and fear of the future, dissolved.

Fate had other plans.

I can't begin to say how much
that I still love this man.
We've been across mountains of struggles,
fields of heaven,
(and even stuck our heads in
the door of Hell a time or two),
but our hearts have never faltered.

We are kindred spirits.

I want his head to always be
on the pillow next to mine-
whether it be a fuzzy pony tail
or a thin glaze of gray.

I want his smile to continue
lighting up my life-
his touch to forever cause electricity-
his sweet, enduring love
to follow me till times end.

Love is never how you dream it.
Love is never how you plan it.
Love just is.

Happy Valentines Day.


Petite Michelle Louise said...

so beautifully written and straight to my heart! how perfect! happy valentine's day to you both! :)

Victoria said...

Wow, that was really beautiful! And so true, you never know when fate is going to intervene! Have a lovely Valentine's Day:)

Jacalyn @ said...

Ah yes, fate. So often it's a wonderful thing! Happy Valentine's Day!


Lynn said...

Oh yes, love or fate or God can change our lives in an instant and when it is meant to be, weathers everything. Thank you for a lovely love story.

Beth Zimmerman said...

Still beautiful! You write such heart touching pieces! Happy Valentines Day, Rae!

GAIL said...

Oh, one of your best! Heading down unexpected roads can be so exciting..what a wonderful trip you are on in your life!
Warm Valentine Hugs to you, Gail

Cindy Craine said...

Fate and karma. Fate that brought you together, good karma that kept you together. -cindy

Margaret Hall said...

What a wonderful, wonderful posting for your Love, Rae~! Should we be so very lucky to have a video that we might look back upon...Again, a pleasure to read your blog, and extending the most cheery and warm Valentine's Day~!!
Love, Margaret...

Shirley said...

I believe I was at the same party..except my guy was in the room next to the keg..LOL! It was the best of times and from the sounds of it..the same times I shared with my Valentine..
Hold on tight as the easy days have passed..we now wear white shirts and ties.haha!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Yours Sincerely,

Leah C said...

So true..."love just is":) And I'm a big believer in Fate!

Daniella said...

What a great story!! I love the
"60's" vibe in there too!
Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

Rae, first let me say that I love this posting. Next let me say it's so beautiful that I almost feel like I shouldn't be reading it as it's so private and personal. You have such a gift for sharing your heart, whether it brings a tear to my eye or makes me giggle right out loud! Happy Valentine's Day! <3

sisterlinda said...

I can't remember the exact time you two hooked up but I was there and a part of that crazy summer! It was beyond my imagination that my pretty blond haired, mild mannered sister had hooked up with a hippie! Strange how things work out and how unexpected love can be.If there had been a computer based dating service, your now husband, would not have been a choice! Love is just meant to be. You were in the right place at the right time and fate and destiny became a part of that crazy summer and party house.

fairyrocks said...

I was a teen in the era you speak of, Look at you crazy kids. I could smell that hot smoky room too. Thanks for sharing

Karen Valentine said...

Oh your story sucked me right in!!! I can just hear the love and devotion oozing from your every pore! I'm so happy that you and your hubby are so much in love! I love hearing stories like this! Hope you both had a wonderful Valentines Day!

lvroftiques said...

Oh mny gosh! I just found your blog and I'm already weeping wet sloppy tears and wiping my snotty nose!....And yes with the arm of my ugly brown bathrobe.
Well I can tell right now we're the same age *winks* Good times at the "party house" I can still remember and smell em! Vanna