Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Journey of Time

There will be days
ahead of me-
That now I do not hear
or see.
But, yet, their journey
leads them far
Across the fields-
And beneath each star-
Down back roads
that fade to brown
Through silent snow
and greening ground.

The days will come
in perfect grace
and settle slyly
about my face
and seep into my
flesh and bone
with rhythm firm
and steadfast tone.
Until my reflection
soon will tell
that time has come
and made me pale-
has rusted me
and hung around
to place me softly
in the ground.

 But until then
I must learn to dance-
to dream-to fly-
to take a chance
to befriend time
on it's journey here-
to not taste regret
or engage fear.
For these days are mine
that come across
the emerald fields
and hills of frost
And I alone decide just how
I'll greet those days
that linger now.

 I'll hold on tight
and celebrate
what time carries
in his pack of Fate
And nevermore
will I take for granted
this awesome world
on which I'm planted.

Thank you, Lord
for earth and sky
for wind and rain
and birds that fly.
For eyes that see
and hands that feel
for hearts that love
and joy that's real-
For days ahead I do not see-
but, yet, they come
to strengthen me.


sisterlinda said...

Oh I especially loved the photo of the green grass, daffidols and red bud trees in bloom...I am so waiting for those days to return soon.

I cannot go back and retravel the road I have taken. I have hit many a pot hole,bumpy gravel and taken wrong turns. I can only hope that I have learned from those former roads and travel the rest of may days in peacefulness. I plan on taking the rest of my journey through the country side, down smooth paved roads....just like a "Sunday Driver" and have the "Joy Ride" of my life!

Mama Jewel said...

My Dear Sister...you never cease to amaze me! I'm laughing at our "Spunky Old Broad" pics one minute, wondering where our "Sister Linda" is the next and then you write a poem that takes my breath away! My old boss at work (he will be 83 this year) loves your stuff. I gave him a copy of the poem and he stood next to me and read it. He was crying when he was finished. He just shook his head and said, "God, she's good!" I agree totally! Love you.

Mama Jewel said...

Oh..and one more thing, well really two more....Linda...you're reply was very well written, you should start your on blog! And two...where's the Face Book Share Button? I love to post your stuff on my FB page and now the button is not on your blog. What's up with that? Just saying.

Cathy said...

Wow, Rae. Just wow!

Indy Single Vision said...

Hi Rae, I happened to stumble upon your picture of the person sitting on the edge of a mountain with the cross in the background via a google image search. I'd love to use it permanently on a website, but I'd like to get permission. Could you tell me where you found it so I can track down the photographer? I'd appreciate any help you could provide.