Monday, January 24, 2011

A Room Of One's Own

While reviewing my list of January holidays, I noticed that tomorrow is A Room Of One's Own Day.
This struck a chord with me, because- here I am- middle aged -and I've never had a room of my own. Growing up, I shared a twin bed with my sister Barb. Then when she moved out,  my older sister Linda and I got the bed. And after Linda left, I was stuck with my little sister Tina. Then I got married and had to share with my husband!

There is something sweet and comforting about a room of one's own. About a private place for escape and meditation. For pursuing hobbies, napping- or just plopping back in a soft chair and reading a book.
A room of one's own should be a reflection of that person- decorated with favorite colors and treasured objects- ( not cluttered with laundry or golf clubs or last years tax returns.) It should be simple, but ornate with layers of keepsakes and memories. And perhaps a cork board full of dreams and wishes.

Wouldn't it be fun to design your own room now that you're all grown up? Gone are the days of tie dye curtains, concert posters, neon paints and macrame wall hangings. I'm all for sophisticated, sleek, clean and feminine- all rolled into one.
If I had a room of my own,  (and money were no object!) it would look something like these....

So, celebrate A Room of One's Own by dreaming of your perfect escape!
You never know when your dreams might come true....


sisterlinda said...

I would pick rooms 2 3 or 4...cause there is a place for an afternoon nap. Of all, your dream rooms,I would love to have room #4..I could enjoy nature, a cool summer breeze , read a book and relax with a nice afternoon power nap.

Wouldn't it be great? Just think of this when you remodel the cabin for the retirement age...make a room of your own! I know you can do it because you are so talented and have a vision for so much.

Dee said...

well? What are you waiting for?? Make one!!!

Joann Mannix said...

Those rooms make me sigh wistfully. I want my own room. Actually, I'm a mite greedier. I keep telling my husband I want a studio out back. A studio full of windows for inspiration and my writing desk right there in front of them. I want a place I can lock the doors and not hear the ringing of the phone or the buzz of this busy household. I'm sighing again, at the thought of it.

Cathy said...

I l-o-v-e all the rooms. The screened in nook, the romantic, the girly frilly...all of them. When I was a girl, elementary school age, we lived in a great big 2 story house. There were 3 of us girls left at home; my brother had already gone off to college, living away from home. My youngest sister slept in the room with my parents. My next sister slept in her own bedroom across the hall from mom, dad and youngest sister. Down the hall were two more bedrooms. One was mine and the other what we called a toy room. I was so thrilled with my own space and though I wasn't always neat as a pin, I was a tidy child and loved everything to be clean and organized. About once a month, I would pull everything out of my bedroom and pile it all in the hallway. The only thing that remained was the bed which I couldn't fit through the door. LOL Lucky for me, both rooms had a bed. So, I would clean out my bedroom completely except for the bed. Then I would move all the toys from across the hall into what had been my bedroom. Then I would clean the entire former toy room top to bottom before moving all my stuff into my "new" room...everything including dresser, chest of drawers and whatever else I had. It was like a completely fresh start. I continued that until we moved to another house and we no longer had any "extra" bedrooms. My sisters still tease me about never knowing which room was the toy room and which one was my bedroom. Neither was as beautiful and peaceful as these rooms are, but each in it's own way was my refuge, my haven, my own personal space. Thank you for reminding me! :)