Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goodwill Wednesday: The Bowl, The Bedding And An Ugly Vessel

Last week I finally got a chance to venture out of my weather-induced cave and the first place I headed (besides the grocery store) was my local Goodwill. Maybe I'm a little crazy- who knows?- but even if I don't find anything there, I always walk away feeling good after just searching for that possible treasure.
If you haven't visited your Goodwill store or second hand junk shop or interesting consignment shops in your area, you are missing out on not only a fun experience, but a vast array of wonders for your home.
I get more excited about finding a item at those places than I am if I went out and bought it brand new. Maybe it's just the way I was brought up. But to me, I consider these bargains as pre-loved, and who could say "no" to that? Plus the fact that it takes very little money to enjoy a day of "junking".
(I would suggest always carrying hand cleaner or keeping germicide wipes handy after a trip to Goodwill. I mean- you really never know where it came from.)

Last week I saw this bowl on the shelf at Goodwill:
At first I thought it may have had feet and one was broken, because it sat on the shelf on an angle. But then I realized that's how it was made:
It is heavy white ceramic and the price was $2.75. I knew exactly what I was going to use it for!
This fun bowl held a whole bag of oranges!

I usually stay away from the wire bins that they have in the corner which hold sheets and pillow cases and such. I'm sure there may be a good buy somewhere in the pile, but I'm not crazy about pulling and sorting through a big bundle of material just to find a single sham.
But last week, the colors and print of an object near the top of the bin caught my eye.
It was just a messy ball of material.
But I pulled it out and discovered it was a duvet cover. King size!
By Pottery Barn/Bed and Bath. (Not that brand names matter much to me, but I knew it was a steal for $3). It needs washed and ironed- and then it will look great!

And then I also got this:
 I passed it up once. Put it in my cart. Thought about setting it back on the shelf. But there was something about it that spoke to me...

It was obviously handmade.

Here is a picture that shows how large it is. I might put it in my flower bed and plant some ivy in it or something. Might even paint it a different color.Not sure yet....But for $2.50, it will be fun to experiment with!

Well, I've got to clean house today to make room for more Goodwill Wednesday items!
What treasures have YOU found?


Joann Mannix said...

I want to shop at YOUR Goodwill. Wow!

That Pottery Barn duvet is not only a fabulous deal, it's beautiful. And I love the character in that piece of pottery.

And the clean lines of a white bowl are just classic beauty. Can't wait so see what other treasures you find.

sisterlinda said...

I LOVE the neat bowl and the duvet cover...very very nice find.As for the vase...sorry but THAT would have to be a "What were they thinking" yard sale find...LOL!