Friday, January 28, 2011

Room 46

A very dear blogging friend of mine, Dee, commented on my post the other day when I featured A Room Of One's Own Day. She said  "Well...what are you waiting for? Make one!"
And so...I did!
Oh, it's not nearly as beautiful and ornate and comfortable as those I featured in my post, but it gives me such a good feeling. Now I can find all some a bit of my craft and art stuff without dragging it out of the closet.

This is my son's old room and I'm 100% positive that he's not coming back home to live. It only had a blow up mattress in it because we took the bed to the cabin. So, I deflated the darn thing and put in some tables (that belong to my sister Tina) and sorted out my junk in a very un-methodical way. But, I know where everything some stuff is (sorta) and that's what matters.

There's a picture of Elvis on the left, but it will someday be replaced by a cork board. (Note: Elvis does not belong to my son).(Or me.)

 This rolling cart was previously in the back of a crowded closet:

I added a cool light and some of my art.

It's not the ideal setup, but I actually started a project with the canvas I got for Christmas.

I stuck a metal tag on the door. Number 46.

And that's where you'll find me now...whenever I need a room of my own.


Dee said...

YES!!! Go, Rae! I'm so glad that you did this. Not because I said to, but because I have my own "room of my own" and LOVE it. As I'm sure you will yours!!!

GAIL said...

Finally, your very own room!! Isn't it wonderful to have a space of you own! Now lets see some of your wonderful projects from Room 46!
And yes, I promise to get some of mine done too!!


sisterlinda said...

What was once "Jake's Room" became "Linda's Room" now it is YOUR ROOM? Great I know what you did the day we talked and you were undecided weather to paint or you have a place that is clean AND you can now paint! In time you will know where EVERYTHING is!

Arlee Bird said...

I've got one of my own as well. That's one advantage of kids leaving to live on their own.

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