Friday, June 3, 2011

Hole In One



Today is National Donut Day!!!!

It's very difficult for me to avoid celebrating today. Because today is donut day!


It's a day long tribute to those delicious calorie-laden breakfast bombs that make you want to lick your fingers and collapse into a food coma until the sugar rush wears off.

It's a day to honor sweet glazes, rainbow sprinkles, jelly fillings, Bavarian creams, whipped up fluff, and pudding perfection.

It's a day to be thankful to all those bakers who rise at the crack of dawn to knead that yeasty dough into works of culinary art, not to mention terrific tummy treats.

I believe that a road trip is not complete without a stiff white box of a dozen assorted donuts, a cup of hot coffee, a cardboard carton of cold milk, and a handful of napkins. Easy to eat, filling, and right within most budgets. What's not to love?

What other food would we accept with a giant hole in the middle? If we were served hamburgers, steaks or chicken with the center missing, I know massive riots would occur. We would demand that the hole be filled!

But donuts are so delectable and so sweet that we accept their faults- we adore them with their finger-holding holes and their stuffed insides- with no questions asked. We love their quirky missing middle !

I've had my share of donuts, and believe me, I've never met one I didn't like. From homemade to gourmet, donuts are universally well-loved and millions are consumed each year. And approximately 111,000 by policemen alone!


So, as you start your morning, please honor the beloved favorite for dunkin' and devouring! Celebrate Donut Day!


Chryifiwant2 said...

When I was little, like say 3, my dad would take me with him to deliver our trash at the dump. We would stop at the donut shop and I would get a powdered sugar donut filled with chocolate frosting and a carton of chocolate milk. Then I would run around the dump looking for treasure.
And I always threw up on the way home because it was just so damn exciting. Good times!

lvroftiques said...

You had me at Do....LOL! I think a trip to Krispy Kreme is in my near future! *winks* Vanna

Beth Zimmerman said...

And once again ... I MISSED it!!!!