Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dreams Interrupted

I was hoping to share my dreaming with you a little longer, but sometimes it can be pretty depressing- seeing all those cool and wonderful things that are beyond your reach. Besides that, my internet connection makes it a day-long process just to get pictures posted. And what's a dream without the pictures, right?

But thanks for letting me share my vision with you. I've never been one to want a matchy-matched house of furniture or rooms from House Beautiful magazine. I just want a place that is different and quirky and full of creativity- splashed with color and salvaged items and textures that reek of comfort- lots of art and lots of nature and a place that says, "Welcome".


My older sister Jewel is having major surgery tomorrow and I'm asking all of you who know The Big Guy Upstairs to please put a little prayer in for her. She's one of those gals who would give you the shirt off her back- after she washed it and ironed it -and added a big kettle of homemade soup and lemon bars to it!

Long ago I started out by writing a little piece called "Ponderings By The Poolside". After she read that, she kept pushing me to write more. It eventually turned into "Porch Ponderings" and became a weekly column in the local newspaper (for the 4 months I stuck it out in that crazy place!)
 She has always been my biggest fan. She has encouraged me to keep writing- and playing with my art - and following through with my daily blogging.

We sisters get together for Sister Weekend every year, and this May we all knew that Jewel was not feeling like herself. The spark, the smile, the adventurous spirit was missing. She thought it was a simple bladder infection, but it has become a more serious situation that will entail fairly invasive surgery to her colon. She's been in the hospital and on morphine for over a week now.

Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow -and it is also her birthday.
Happy Birthday Jewel! I'll be there when you open your eyes and smile that sweet smile for us again.
I love you!


Dee said...

Prayers going up from Florida! Hope all turns out well and she heals quickly. Love you, Rae!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Jewel! Praying for full and speedy healing! And for peace and joy in the journey! Thanks for encouraging Rae to write. She is a blessing to all of us!

mybabyjohn said...

I'll be thinking of you and yours.

Joanne said...

Prayers on their way! I always wanted a sister! instead I got two brothers totally NOT the same! Blessings, Joanne

Cathy said...

I have really enjoyed the dreams of your home and the hidden room! :) If you create such a home one of these days, I just know it will be exactly like you. Beautiful, creative and one of a kind.

I talked to your another of your sisters this week about Jewel. My uncle is just home after the same surgery for the same diagnosis and he also was in the hospital just prior on morphine. His surgery went very well and he is home now recuperating. I prayed for Jewel this morning and hope you will post next week on her recovery. Happy Birthday Jewel! Whenever I think of her and your family, I think of what a jewel she truly is to you all. Blessings!

Arlee Bird said...

Prayers sent your way. My youngest sister, who has a birthday this coming Wednesday, lost her husband about a month ago and had a mild heart attack this past week, probably due to all the stress she's been dealing with. I'm trying to figure a way to go stay with her a while. She's 400 miles away and I can't really afford to be going there right now. Things are tough these days for many of us.

Hope the surgery went well and the recovery is smooth for your sister.

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