Friday, May 27, 2011

Packed & Pooped

I love the idea of getting away for the weekend, but I'd rather have a root canal than try packing for a three day adventure. I'm not organized, patient, or very innovative. And the bed of the truck ends up looking like my linen closet when I'm all done- wadded up, packed to the hilt, and ready to cause a major catastrophe when the tail gate is opened.
Because of possible rain issues, I had to pack by myself this morning while my husband was at work. You would think we were moving. Or homeless. Or trash men.
I loaded three large coolers, one tent, a small recliner, 2 corn hole game boards, a guitar, a bag of bedding, tools, karaoke machine, three bags of luggage, a bag of  food, extra shoes, tractor battery, air mattresses, and all other kinds of "I -just- can't-do -without- that" stuff.
It took me over an hour. I broke two nails, stubbed my big toe, sprained my back and ripped my jacket.
Okay. Maybe I'm exaggerating just a bit.
But one thing I did do was step in a big pile of fresh dog crap! (It did not belong to my dog, either!) Talk about stinky! I almost added puke to the list of items in the truck.
I was wearing my favorite, most comfortable flip flops, too, which I will most certainly have to scrub down before I get set off down the road.

Sure- it will be nice to get this all loaded and go relax for the weekend, but somehow it must all be packed again for the trip home. Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it...

What are you having for your Memorial Day cookout? We are smoking a fresh ham and chickens, pork butt, and hot dogs. I made potato salad, buffalo chicken dip, cowboy beans, and deviled eggs. Family members are bringing s'mores, lemon bars, mint brownies and fresh fruit. Yum-O. Rachel Ray- eat your heart out!

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of May- and please take the time out from your fun holiday to remember the men and women who have served our country. Those who have protected our freedom, risked their lives, and made us proud. We salute you!

Wear your sunscreen or pack an umbrella- depending where you live. But be sure to relax, enjoy the beginning of summer- and do like I do- Eat Till it Ouches You!
See you all soon!


mybabyjohn said...

Did you pack your buffet pants?

Tracy said...

HeeHee, you made me smile because I am the exact opposite; very organized and fit things in just so. My husband is amazed at how much I can pack in one small space. I could be hired help you know, depending on where you are going?!

Dee said...

I hope that you have a fun filled and safe weekend, girl! Wish you were here though!

Margaret Hall said...

Rae---I am jealous~!! It is raining here in Oregon and no sunshine... =(
We have all sorts of "ideas" about the "inside' of the house and shopping, so we will see what transpires after a nap.....
Love ya', see you after your trip~!

Palletizing Robots said...

I'd have to say I'm the complete opposite than you. I love to pack because of the feeling that I'm going away and seeing something new. It's the packing to come back home that I dread.
Did you end up having a good holiday weekend? I ended up going to a BBQ and sitting poolside :) Definitely a great Memorial Day for me.

sisterlinda said...

I recall your packing for camping trips....all BUT the kitchen sink...oh yeah...that's at the cabin!