Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Circle of Life

I arrived in this world in a nutshell,
swimming in a sea of only "me".
And so, 
I floated quietly into the light-
and was born...

My mother took me in her arms,
placed me softly in a big ship called "Family"
and I sailed happily through life
on a calm and beautiful sea.

Then I met a man who smiled and said, "Come with me."
and his heart swept me up into a canoe called "Marriage".
we paddled together through hurricanes
and golden sunsets
and held tightly to this journey called "Love".

When our children were born, 
we built our own ship called "Family".
And every day was an adventure- every ocean a wonder.
Years passed and seasons changed....

one by one, 
our children left the boat-
navigating their sails to other seas-
as I watched them fade on the horizon like a milky dream.

We moved back to our little canoe
and let ourselves drift in peaceful waters-
no longer in a hurry to reach the shore...

Someday, I will return to my nutshell.

When I am old and gray and my days are no more-
I will swim in a sea of only "me",
float quietly into the light-

and be born again....


Dee said...

I love this! Seriously. I read every day, but have been horrible about commenting. :( I'm sorry. Don't beat me. LOL-

Margaret Hall said...

And, how true is this?...Love this, my poetic/writer genius friend! What a breath of fresh air to read your blog~!

mybabyjohn said...

And around and around we go from sunrise to sunset and all the adventures in between. Love this!

Tracy said...

Isn't the Circle of Life phenomenal? It seems I've experienced this the past couple of days; thanks for the reminder that life does go on...

manda said...

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sisterlinda said...

Hey....I didn't know you were back on the air! Of course I noticed the first one was a!

Love this writing. My problem is we set sail on a tugboat...pullin extra family members! We have been pullin this extra cargo for many years now. My husband and I dream of that small canoe or 2 man bass boat! Just the two of us sailing away and enjoying our lives...back to where we began as a couple, alone with our dreams!

I wanna ditch this tugboat before one of us ends up in that nut shell heading towards the light...

Beth Zimmerman said...

Wow! Rae! THIS is PERFECT! So beautiful it takes my breath!

Karate Los Angeles said...

This is truly a great piece and describes the full-circle perfectly! Although it's quite the journey and often not what you expect, I think the end results match the beginning quite nicely. :)


Bluebell Books said...

perfect rhyming,

GAIL said...

Beautiful, just beautiful
Hugs, Gail